Strawberry Pots A New Twist on Strawberry Pots

Planting a traditional strawberry pot with trailing groundcovers or succulents is an easy, cost-friendly project that brings a fun, new look to an old-time container.
Patio Create a Patio Garden

Save your money on expensive outdoor furniture sets. A well-planned patio garden is all it takes to draw the family outside and enhance the look of your back yard.
Whip Up a Wind Chime

Wind Chime Supplies

How do you put old silverware to good use in the garden? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind: Turn it into a wind chime. Whimsical wind chimes made with odd bits of cutlery are easy, inexpensive and just plain fun to make! With only a few simple materials, you can create a unique decoration that adds “music” to any garden. Once it’s hung in your outdoor space, all you need is a breeze to set the dangling spoons and forks in motion for a different kind of soothing sound that your ears will eat up!

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Kate with Garden Box Grow Contained Veggies

Growing container veggies is fun and easy. What’s the first step toward growing success? Location, location, location! Learn what steps to take when selecting that perfect spot.
Tea Time Fresh Ways with Fresh Herbs

The amazing thing about herbs is you can grow them for pennies, then make amazing dishes that taste like a million bucks! Here are few ideas on how to best use fresh herbs.
Kids Easy Kids’ Garden Projects

Get the kids outside and away from technology. These fun, quick and easy projects can keep children busy in the garden and using their creativity (instead of a game controller).