Lightning bug Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bug!

Lightning bugs are as American as apple pie, but do you really know them? Learn more about these beneficial insects that light up our nights!
Dandelions Manage Weeds

Despite our best efforts, weeds still sneak into the garden. Kick these unwanted plants off your property without encouraging further weed issues.
Make Mosquitos Bug Off!

Spay for Mosquitoes

You’re all set to enjoy some relaxing time in your garden when…zing! A mosquito strikes. And another. (And another.) Perhaps second only to extreme heat, these airborne bloodsuckers are among the most annoying aspects of summer. But there are ways to live fairly peaceably with these disturbing creatures.

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Poison Ivy Leaves of Three? Let It Be!

What does poison ivy look like? When it comes to this pretty (but deceiving) vine, it’s important gardeners know what to look for and how to properly get rid of it.
Slug on Flower Slay Slugs & Snails

Slugs and snails eating your garden? Put an end to the destruction with a combination punch of cultural, physical and chemical controls (and a good ol’ can of beer).
Hose Faucet Keep it Cool

As long as it’s warm and sunny out there, you and your garden need to play it safe! Learn how to keep yourself – and your plants – cool during the heat of summer.