Butterfly Butterfly Garden Basics

Butterflies add a new level of life to the garden. Understanding these incredible insects’ taste for color, light and scent will help you lure them in for seasonal enjoyment.
Begonias Treat Your Houseplants to a Summer Vacation

Everyone enjoys a summer vacation – even your houseplants. Follow these simple steps to help your indoor plants get the most out of the great outdoors.
Make Room for Veggies!

Cherry Tomatoes

Don’t let limited gardening space stop your veggie-growing opportunities! As long as you have a sunny spot, you can grow a harvest-rich garden that’s low on square footage, as well as cost. Here are a few location ideas to help you start thinking outside of the back yard.

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Peppers Add Pepper (to Taste)

Peppers are easy to grow if given the right care and conditions. Plant a few hots, sweets or ornamentals this year, and pepper your garden with great taste and beauty.
Hibiscus P-L-A-N-T for Flower Power!

Whether you’ve got annuals or perennials, in-ground beauties or container plants, learn these five points to keeping your flowers performing and looking their best.
Zinnias Grow Back to Basics

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by outdoor chores. By revisiting some basic gardening rules, we can keep our gardens lush and colorful – and our lives less stressful.