Lettuce Grow Your Own Salad Mix

Decorate your patio – and then your dinner table – by planting a color- and textured-filled container garden of mixed salad greens. 
Trough Planters Trough it Out

Concrete troughs are made to withstand all weather and provide neat plants a wonderful place to grow. Learn how to make your own for a rock-solid container garden.
A Parent’s Intro to Growums®

Harvesting Belle

Growums® teaches children and their families how to have fun in the garden and enjoy healthy eating! Whether you’re new to the veggie-growing scene or are a homegrown-produce pro, Growums® is an incredible opportunity for Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and any other adult with little sprouts in their lives to show children the awesome benefits of growing (and then eating) their own food. Even if you’ve never grown a tomato yourself, be confident that you _can_ successfully help your child grow an entire vegetable and herb garden for your family!

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Rhubarb Pie Rhubarb: Winter’s Reward

After a cold, dreary winter, we deserve the joys of spring. Get ready to taste the benefits of homegrown rhubarb (as a spread or in a pie).
Container Touch Up Refinish Old Containers

Don’t toss out those worn-looking planters. Here’s an easy, cost-friendly way to keep lightweight, aging pots looking new and beautiful.
Pineapple Grow a Pineapple

Turn the top of your cut pineapple into a houseplant. It takes patience, but once your pineapple roots, it can become an easy indoor tropical!