Aurora Blue True-Blue Hues for You

Has the fact that most blue flowers actually appear purple got you feeling...well, blue? Check out this Top 10 list of true-blue gems. They’re simply blue-tiful!

Perennial Garden Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Daniel Stowe and his wife, Alene, left a legacy to their North Carolina community, reflecting their love of gardening and appreciation of their neighbors.
Junk Jewels in the Garden

Tire Planter

For many gardeners, the use of salvaged objects as garden art has evolved into a passionate hunt for jewels in the junk pile. Thrifty and creative souls can transform nearly any discarded and unwanted items into unique and eye-catching works of art. An old tire can turn into a fun planter. Flattened bottle caps can decorate a birdhouse. The possibilities are endless. What will you create this season?

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Raised Beds French Intensive Gardening

Crowding a bunch of plants in a narrow plot might not seem like a good idea, but this tried-and-true technique yields bountiful results. 
RedBridge Color it Beautiful

Staining a fence or painting a table, chairs or window boxes in bright, bold hues brings a whole new look and whimsy to a garden’s design.
Flower The Power of the Flower

It’s no secret that flowers can make a person’s day. But research now proves it: Flowers make people happy – and may help the mind, too.