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Chamomile Harvest The Herbal Harvest

Get the most from your herbs throughout their season. Learn how and when to pinch, prune, shear, collect and dig plant parts for peak flavor and fragrance!

Featured Project

Lavender Scent-sational Lavender

Don’t let that fragrant lavender go to waste! These wonderful flowers are easy to harvest, dry and turn into sweet-smelling projects for your home or as gifts.

Featured Plant

Dill Delightful Dill

Dill isn’t just for seasoning your favorite dips, veggies and main dishes – it’s also a fantastic plant that can bring a little flavor to herb and butterfly gardens!
When Pests Attack…
Sycamore Japanese Beetles: To Bag or Not to Bag

Japanese beetles make a feast out of foliage, turning leaves into brown doilies. There’s a lot of talk regarding the different approaches used to control these unwanted garden visitors. You may have already noticed one of the most popular methods dotting lawns throughout your neighborhood: Japanese beetle bags. While these “traps” seem great in theory, studies show that the bags tend to attract many more beetles than are actually caught. Learn why some entomologists believe beetle bags can end up causing more of a headache in the long run.
Marigolds Fight Pests Naturally

We’ve all been frustrated one time or another by garden-pest destruction. Maybe it’s the Japanese beetles eating your beautiful roses or chewing on your beloved basil. Or maybe it’s a mosquito making your relaxing evening in the hammock impossible. If you’d prefer to avoid using sprays to get rid of these garden nuisances, no problem: There are a number of natural ways to fight off unwanted garden invaders. Try some of these simple suggestions to start practicing no-chemical insect control and to stop your beloved plants from being “bugged.”
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Cutleaf coneflower is a tall native perennial with deeply lobed leaves and yellow, daisy-like flowers in summer to fall.
  • Bulbine is a tough evergreen South African perennial with cheerful yellow or orange flowers spring through fall.
  • Japanese pagoda is a large, finely leaved shade tree covered in white blooms in summer and pretty pods in fall.

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