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Cymbidiums Simply Cymbidiums

Orchid enthusiasts and beginners alike can enjoy the success of growing Cymbidium orchids. With the right care, these pretty plants can reliably bloom each year.

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Repotting Orchid Repotting Orchids

Orchids aren’t as difficult to grow and bloom as you might think, but they do require some unique care. Learn how to repot orchids for continued healthy growth.

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Corsage Orchid Corsage Orchid

Cattleya harrisoniana is a vigorous, tender perennial with lush, dense foliage and rounded, starry-looking, violet-lavender flowers in summer and early fall.
Mum’s the Word!
Mums Get to Know Your Mum

As fall-ish breezes start to get cooler and late summer flowers continue to fade, your garden may be in need of a little revival. Mums offer a refreshing burst of color in tune with nature’s autumn palate. These compact perennials have many benefits, including flower power and reasonable cost. Even better, when you take care of them, mums can provide your home with weeks of natural fall décor – inside and out!
Barbara Series Mums Planting With Mums

Many people purchase chrysanthemums for a brief colorful announcement in September and October, signaling the coming of the new season. While these popular bloomers look fantastic in containers, their bright, bold autumn colors look even better when they’re coming out of the ground. With the proper care and planting, your perennial mums can actually provide fall color straight from your garden year after year!
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Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • ‘Crown of Rays’ goldenrod is an easy-to-grow hybrid perennial with splashy golden flowers in late summer and early fall.
  • Figs are an ancient fruit crop born in spring and again in fall – usually with more and tastier fruits that second time around.
  • Pink Diamond panicle hydrangea is a hardy shrub bearing huge flower clusters in late summer that change from ivory to soft pink to tan through fall and into winter.

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Lawn Fall Lawn Care

For many home gardeners, early fall is the best time to revitalize the lawn. Take these three steps to fall lawn care, so you can enjoy lush turf next spring!
Renovating Lawn Renovate Your Turf

Have you been toughing it out with a less-than-desirable lawn for the past few months? Late summer through early fall is the ideal time to establish new turf.
Fescue Lawn Seeding a New Lawn

Sod can give you “instant green,” but seeding is more cost-friendly. With the right seed and a little patience, you can enjoy a new lawn in a matter of weeks.
Corn Gluten Organic Lawn Care

Avoid feeding your lawn synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic herbicides. We’ve got six earth-friendly steps that can help you care for your yard naturally!