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Featured Article

Gifts It’s a Wrap!

Running low on bows and ribbons and want to save some cash? Make your holiday gifts stand out with naturally beautiful decorations made from materials found in your garden!

Featured Project

Gift Seeds Seedson’s Greetings!

Give the gift that keeps on growin': seeds from your garden! Whether packaged in cards or in a sparking ornament, this is one gift that's as fun to make as it is to give (and grow)!

Featured Plant

Poinsettia ‘Christmas Feelings’

Spread feelings of joy with this festive holiday plant decking your halls! Its red, fade-resistant flower bracts make this poinsettia a perfect addition to classic Christmas décor.
Winter Tasks for Flower Power
SnowyBulbs Winter Care for Bulbs

The hard work is done: You’ve planted numerous hardy spring-flowering daffodils, tulips, crocus and other gems all over the yard. The cold, snowy months ahead will give you plenty of “indoor time” to dream about these new additions to your garden. But what about those planted bulbs? Do they have any special needs before the snow flies? Learn more about what you can do to successfully overwinter your sleeping beauties – like mulching after the soil freezes and keeping animal pests away from them. Then sit back and wait for the spring show!
Flowers Have a Hellebore Good Winter

Just when you thought that flowers were limited to spring, summer and fall, you stumble upon this lovely group of winter bloomers – hellebores! These amazing little woodland plants bloom in the middle of winter, apparently unaffected by the cold. They wait until all the leaves are off the trees to take advantage of winter’s short, sunny days. Though hard freezes might do a little damage to new leaves or tender petals, these beauties still form the basis of the winter flower garden. Consider suppressing the winter doldrums with these lovely perennials. 
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

    • Scarlet-plume is a deciduous subshrub from Mexico with showy orange blooms in winter above pretty dark green leaves.
    • Pride-of-Burma is a rare tropical flowering tree with gorgeous red, orchid-like blooms and attractive evergreen foliage.
    • Nellie Stevens holly is a small pyramidal evergreen tree with glossy, green leaves and crimson-red berries in early winter.

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Tree-mendous Holiday Options
DeordarCedar Contained Elegance

Use a contained deodar cedar to decorate your patio most of the year, then bring it indoors to turn your holidays merry and bright.

Fir Fraser Fir

The soft, flexible, fragrant needles of Fraser fir make it a popular cut Christmas tree. But it’s not just a merry selection for the holidays.

Cypress A Blue Christmas

With its lovely color and striking features, Arizona cypress is a wonderful evergreen sure to bring you the “blues” – in a good way.

White Pine White Pine

For holiday-goers with allergy-sensitive noses, white pine might be a good Christmas tree pick. This pretty tree has little to no fragrance.