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Featured Article

Monarda Pledge Allegiance to Summer Natives

Summer calls for rockets’ red glare, liberty bells and blue fireworks. Grow your own patriotic mix with great native summer-blooming perennials! 

Featured Project

Yucca Small Yuccas for Any Garden

Whether mixed with wildflowers, used as an accent or planted with cacti and shrubs, native North American yuccas are stunning in all gardens. 

Featured Plant

Allium Blue Ornamental Onion

This cute bloomer is grown for its clusters of blue, star-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer. Use it with other showy plants in the garden.
Growing Tributes to Honor Those We Love
Bald Cypress A Tree for Mac

Planting a commemorative tree is a meaningful way to remember a special person or event in your life. Consider a “remembrance space” in your landscape, where you and your family can rest in the shade, recall happy times and dream of a wonderful future. If you don’t have the room in your landscape, you can plant a tree at a commemorative grove in your area. It’s an amazing way to let beautiful memories live and grow.
Remember Me® Hybrid Tea Rose Remember Me® Hybrid Tea Rose

All roses are beautiful, but the fully double blooms of Remember Me® are hard to forget. The everblooming, fragrant, amber-yellow flowers of this upright, bushy tea rose have up to 25 petals and deep pink highlights and edges. The mildew-resistant cultivar prefers moderate temps and offers the perfect touch to sunny foundations, mixed borders and cutting gardens. It’s a great symbolic rose for honoring someone special.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Sweetbay magnolia is a native tree that bears lemon-scented, cream-colored flowers in late spring and early summer.
  • Large-flowered coreopsis is a native perennial with a big show of bright yellow blooms that are good for cutting.
  • California lilac is a Western native boasting bright blue flowers in late spring and early summer.

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Weekend Planting Projects
Chair Planter Plant a Chair

Turn an old seat into something really neat! You can bring a little garden whimsy to your yard with this easy-to-make planter.
Gracie's Garden Garden by Gracie

There’s no age limit when it comes to gardening. This simple planting project is so easy, a garden-focused 3-year-old did it.
Strawberry Pot Strawberry Pot Surprise

Plant a strawberry pot with trailing groundcovers or succulents. It’s a simple project that brings a new look to an old-time container.
Poolside Containers Gardening Poolside

Landscaping around a pool doesn’t have to be elaborate. A few poolside containers are really all you need to bring splashes of color.