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Bauhinia Tropical Flowering Trees

Palm trees are nice, but if you want a true garden paradise, look to the gorgeous blooms of tropical flowering trees!

Featured Project

Hibiscus Tropicals for Containers

No matter where you live, you can create an exotic oasis of relaxation thanks to these tropical plants for containers!

Featured Plant

Ginger Variegated Shell Ginger

With striking yellow and green leaves, this tropical beauty makes a great container plant or works well in the garden.
Lettuce Grow and Enjoy!
Lettuce Rows Homegrown Lettuce

Lettuce has come a long way since crisp iceberg was the only variety available in the grocery store. Now there are so many types of lettuce, it’s hard to choose just one – and you don’t have to if you grow what you like best! Generally considered a cool-season crop, lettuce and other salad greens can be grown in the ground or in a container, where you can harvest them as cuttings. But before you grow, there's just a bit you need to know!
Mixed Lettuces Grow a Salad Mix

You don’t need a tiller, hoe and lots of land to be a vegetable gardener. Many veggies lend themselves nicely to container gardening, including a variety of leafy greens. Sun, water, soil and seed are all you need to enjoy fresh salad greens at every meal. And they can be quite ornamental at the same time that they’re edible! Decorate your patio – and then your dinner table – by planting a color- and textured-filled container garden of mixed salad greens.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Siberian squill is a small bulbous perennial that blooms in early spring with charming blue flowers.
  • Texas huisache fills the air with fragrance from pompon-like yellow flowers in early spring.
  • Vine Hill Manzanita is a native California evergreen bearing clusters of white, tubular springtime flowers.

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Ponder a Water Garden This Spring
Planning a Pond Ready for a Pond?

Water gardens bring peace and intrigue to outdoor living spaces, create a haven for wildlife and help conserve water and energy. Are you ready to dive into it?
Pond Build a Water Garden

Building a water garden or fish pond takes planning and hard work, but the pleasure and interest these features bring to yards makes it well-worth the effort!
Fish in Pond Garden Fish in Spring

Spring is a delicate transition for pond fish. Take the time to help your underwater friends properly come out of hibernation. (You’ll all be happy you did!)
Water Garden Spring Cleaning

Proper pond cleanup, equipment inspection and a little water and fish TLC are the first steps toward another healthy – and successful – water gardening season.