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  • Lily of the Valley
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Roses Along Fence Roses for the Landscape

Are you looking for a rose to add a rich spot of color to your landscape? Today’s rose varieties are easy to grow and ready to stop traffic. Here are some qualities to look for when making your selection.

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Homerun Rose Rose Patio Screening

Imagine enjoying an outdoor dinner on a perfect summer evening among the roses – with no reservation required, because it’s on your patio. This free garden design plan can turn that vision into reality!

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Rose: The Fairy Earth-Kind® Roses

Grow low-maintenance roses and help the environment at the same time! These roses perform beautifully without harsh chemicals and can stand up to pests, diseases, heat, drought, poor soil and even neglect.
Sow Long, Fare Well!
Poppy Sow Wildflower Seed

Imagine a field of brightly colored wildflowers dancing in a light breeze. Now imagine this pretty scene right in your own garden. It’s possible, and even better: It’s easy and cost-friendly! When done correctly, sowing wildflower seed is a simple process that can bring amazing impact to the landscape. The key is to properly weed and prepare your space, then pick the right plants that are well-suited to your hardiness zone, climate, soil and site conditions.
Meadow Grow a Backyard Meadow

If you love wildflowers, have the space and long for a natural look to your garden, you might want to consider growing a backyard meadow. Such an ever-changing, low-maintenance “field” can reduce your gardening workload, as well as attract wonderful wildlife year-round. Meadows can be easy to start, too – and even easier to enjoy. Just pick the right area, let Mother Nature do her work and then help her out along the way. (After you read this article!)
Regional Gardening Tips

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Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Celestial® dogwood displays the best qualities of its native flowering and Korean dogwood parents.
  • Wallflower is a short-lived perennial with bright, colorful, sweetly fragrant blooms in spring.
  • Needle-flower tree is a tropical that’s prized for its glossy evergreen foliage and tubular, fragrant flowers.

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Native Help for a Healthy Environment
Tagetes lemmonii California Beauties

Gardening in California can be tough, with dry summers and wet winters wreaking havoc on needy landscapes. These low-maintenance natives can help carry your garden through even the toughest conditions Ma Nature doles out.
Cenizo Stellar Southwest Picks

It’s hard to choose the best native plants of the vast southwestern US, but let’s give it a try! These five great natives of the great Southwest are low-maintenance and outstanding in color, form and landscape performance.
Olsynium douglasii Nifty Northwest Natives

Perennials native to the Pacific Northwest offer great garden diversity, from sun to shade requirements and wet to dry soils. No matter where you live in the region, one of these beauties is bound to work in your garden.
Bishop's Cap Bishop’s Caps for the East

Shady woodland spots of the eastern US need special plants to cope with their unique conditions. Featuring delicate, white flowers in spring, this well-behaved native groundcover simply brightens areas in moist to dry shade.